Things began as most bands do - in a garage.

A lot has happened since then. Mark's inspired guitar riffs, unmistakably influenced by the Metal gods themselves, blend seamlessly with Ed's soulful yet intense lyrics, producing a well defined lead backed up perfectly by Tom's thundering drums and Joe's Bass work that complements the guitar perfectly. It's hard to believe this sound can be produced by only three instruments!

In October 2011, they released their debut album, Memoirs of a Maker. Regular gigging and lots of hard work is the ethic among the band to get their music heard.

Recently, Shatterpoint have been putting together a larger list of regular venues across Kent and London, with a view to putting on a full tour early in 2012. They're live performances are a unique blend of Blues and Metal, heavily influenced by artists such as Black Label Society, Pantera and Led Zeppelin. More recently, Shatterpoint would compare their riff-based 'Groove Metal' sound with acts such as Black Stone Cherry and Alter Bridge. Many fans have also compared their sound to Clutch, something which the band is only too happy to accept!

Keep watching for more from this band as we move into 2012. It's set to be a big year for this British take on Southern Metal...